SRF on Mission: Sharing the Gospel in Montreal

Benoit & Lysianne Constant 02Pastor Benoit & Lysianne Constant are SRF on Mission partners in Montréal. They pastor a young church in St-Léonard alongside Pastor René & Sharon Frey.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, prayer partners and friends,

God has been so good to us. He has shown us his faithfulness and grace towards us, well beyond what we deserve. Last week, we went out in the community to serve and love our neighbours in concrete ways under the banner of Operation “J’aime mon voisin” (“I love my neighbour”)! God answered our prayers beyond our expectations.

2015-08 Newsletter from St-Leonard (August 2015)_Page_1_Image_0001
My colleague René Frey at work

In total, we went out to serve a dozen families and individuals from our neighbourhood during the week (August 8 to 15). In small groups, we went to their houses to wash their windows, do various painting jobs, clean their house or weed their yard. It was a golden opportunity to get to know some of our neighbours and to show love to them in a tangible way by coming to help them for free where they had a need. We closed off the week by hosting a free corn roast in one of the neighbourhood’s large parks with a festive environment.

Although our schedule was barely full at the beginning of the week, God led us to people in need that we were able to help. He showed us to trust Him and depend on Him, and He showed His mighty hand at work. Let me tell you two of my favourite stories from the week.

2015-08 Newsletter from St-Leonard (August 2015)_Page_1_Image_0002
Pauline surrounded by the team that came to help her

First, as we were washing the windows of my landlords, a lady that was walking her dog passed by and was intrigued by our orange shirts and the name « J’aime mon voisin » printed on the back. To make a long story short, we ended up going to her place the next day and cleaning her entire apartment! We got to meet her (her name is Pauline) and to share with her who we were. During our time at her place, she told us: “I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that I went to walk my dog at a different time than usual.” As we were leaving, she also thanked us by saying: “You really were gifts from heaven!”

Here’s my second story: many members from our team brilliantly improvised an evening of free lemonade distribution in one of the neighbourhood’s parks to let more of our neighbours know about the project. There was a Moroccan Muslim family that we met and who asked us to wash their (dirty) windows.

2015-08 Newsletter from St-Leonard (August 2015)_Page_2_Image_0002
Sam, myself and Fathi in their living room

My teammate Samantha and I went to their place a few days later and they received us with a delicious Moroccan snack! The husband Fathi (pronounce “Fats-hey”) was confused that we were doing this for free and told us: “This kind of thing would never happen in Morocco!” I got to tell him that it was the love of Jesus that motivated us.

We had to go back two days later to finish the work and during our morning there, I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with Fathi. He was open to listen and loved to share his Muslim faith and practices with me. I could see the grace of God that He had opened their home and allowed us access into their world so different from ours!

Furthermore, Samira, Fathi’s wife, came to our closing celebration and I presented her to Lysianne. They had been so touched by the quality of our work and our kindness that, during the conversation, Samira mentioned many times to Lysianne that we were both welcome to eat at their home anytime! When Lysianne was telling me this, she said: “They really want to become our friends!” Wow. This is a real privilege and an answer to our prayers. When we will be back from vacation, we will go and see them. They actually live just 3 streets away from us.

2015-08 Newsletter from St-Leonard (August 2015)_Page_2_Image_0001
Lysianne and Samira at the closing celebration

I thank God that through our acts of love, He has allowed us to enter in relationships with members of what I would consider the two hardest groups to reach with the Gospel in our neighbourhood: older Catholic Italians and Muslims.

We were also blessed beyond measure to receive a team of 8 young people from Temple Baptist Church (Cambridge, ON), one of our partner churches, to bring active support to our project. Their presence was an encouragement for our church, a definite help to reach our neighbourhood and an example of selfless love. I thank God for each one of them!

God works well beyond our knowledge and comprehension. Would you pray with us? That God would continue to open homes, but especially that He would open hearts to his glorious Gospel and that He would equip the believers from our church to be faithful witnesses of His love in word and in deed. Thank you so much.

2015-08 Newsletter from St-Leonard (August 2015)_Page_2_Image_0003
The entire mission team from Temple Baptist Church with a few of the organisers from our church

Have a great end of the summer. May the grace and peace of the Lord be with you all.

Benoit & Lysianne Constant

SRF on Mission: Answered Prayer at NBBI

SRF on Mission partners Matthew & Dodi Little, New Brunswick Bible Institute
SRF on Mission partners Matthew & Dodi Little, New Brunswick Bible Institute

Dear Friends in Christ,

This truly has been an amazing summer. It seems like yesterday we sent our students off to serve the Lord over the summer and now we are nearing the time of their return. Our new library will, Lord willing, be completed by their return and all the funds needed for this project have come in.

At the close of our school year we had many outstanding bills, along with some overdue staff pays, BUT God provided miraculously for all those needs! He truly is a great provider! As I was reflecting upon all God has done, I read this powerful quote by William Carey, famous missionary to India.

I was once young and now I am old, but not once have I been witness to God’s failure to supply my need when first I had given for the furtherance of His work. He has never failed in His promise, so I cannot fail in my service to Him.

When we think of faithful believers like you, who have sacrificially given to NBBI to help us move forward, it motivates us all the more to continue plodding ahead for God’s glory. Thank you for being a part of this ministry. We need supporters like you and are grateful for you.

Please pray for…

  • A good number of freshman students in September
  • Upperclassmen who are returning
  • Staff to be prepared to invest in the lives of these students
  • Continued financial needs

By His grace, in His care,
Matthew Little

SRF on Mission: Next Steps in Accra, Ghana

Pastor Alex AbbanQuarshie preaching at a camp meeting.
Pastor Alex AbbanQuarshie preaching at a camp meeting.

We of Accra RUN Mission Assemblies are grateful for the guidance, love and kindness that Lord Jesus Christ has shown to His Church. We continue to pray to the Good Lord for His continued sustaining of StoneRidge Fellowship Church.

Church Activities

The Lord Almighty has been very gracious to Accra RUN Mission Assemblies. The Church has gone through the six months (January to June) successfully. The Church organized a three day prayer festival in January, February, May and June. The program was held in last week of the month, then on Sunday a communion service was held. Guest pastors were invited in February and May to minster to the Church members.

By the grace of the Good Lord the programs were very successful. Some of the Church members shared their experiences and testimonies during the prayer festivals.


Madam Florence Akoto joined in 2014. According to her, she was suffering from a stomach ulcer without any solution. She has visited many health centres, but they only give her medicines to manage her sickness. She continued that as the program was going on the man of God asked those who suffering from chronic diseases should come to the front. She took a step of faith and went to the front for the prayers. Since that moment till now (the day of the testimony) she did not experience the pain any longer. She has gone for review and she got the confirmation that God has healed her.

Bernard Afriyie, a member of the Church, brought his mother to the February program because she was finding it difficult to walk, the result of a stroke. Following an invitation from the minister of the day, her son helped her to stand from the wheelchair, encourage her to take a step and gradually she saw that her left leg which was weak has become strong. She has now joined the Church as member.

Through the programs seven new people have been won to add to the Church. The prayer festivals have brought great refreshing to the Church members since they have been able to express their feelings and problems to their God.

Scholarship Services

By the grace of God, Chrislove Adjrokoe and Deborah Dadzie-Turkson have completed their Senior High School education. They wrote their papers on May 11, 2015. Their families came to the Church on May 17 to thank God and the leadership of the Church for supporting their daughters’ education.

The leadership of the Church is trusting God for financial breakthrough to support their University education because the ladies are clever, but financially inadequate. Deborah is part of the administrative team in the Church and Chrislove is a Sunday school teacher in the Church.

Linda Adegya and Lilly Foli are in school. The leadership of the Church is trusting God that the Church will be financially adequate to support these young girls through their basic education. The leadership of Church wants add three Muslim children who have become members of the junior youth to scholarship services, but the Church does not have that financial strength now.

Camp Meeting

The Church organized an Easter convention from April 2-5 in the Eastern part of Ghana. The three day program was successful.

  • Attendance was very encouraging.
  • Participation of Church members during the program was also effective.
  • The leaders who were chosen to lead the specific programs did well.

Thanks for your kindness and love. God bless you.

Pastor Alex Abban-Quarshie
RUN Mission Assemblies, Haasto
Accra, Ghana

SRF on Mission: I Love My Neighbour

Benoit & Lysianne Constant 02

Pastor Benoit & Lysianne Constant are SRF on Mission partners in Montréal. They are planting a church in St-Léonard alongside Pastor René & Sharon Frey. 

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, prayer partners and friends,

It is with great joy that I finally share with you some news from the last months of our young church, as well as some of our upcoming projects.

René’s Successful Surgery

Here is René already beaming the day after his operation next to his sister Jackie Charpentier.
Here is René already beaming the day after his operation next to his sister Jackie Charpentier.

My dear colleague René Frey went under the surgeon’s knife on May 6 to have a damaged section of his large intestine removed. The operation went very well and his recovery has been speedy and featured relatively few bumps along the way. We thank God for this!


2015-06 Newsletter from St-Leonard_Page_1_Image_0002On Sunday May 24, we joyfully celebrated the baptism of Gilles, an older man who joined our church in the last months. He has been a Christian for approximately 20 years but had never been baptised and had not had a church he called home for a number of years. We now praise God for Gilles’ obedience and example. For this special event, we moved and set up our mother church’s portable baptistery in the basement of the medical clinic where we meet. It was a lot of work but it was well worth it!

The Jesus Film Free Distribution

2015-06 Newsletter from St-Leonard_Page_1_Image_0001During the months of March, April and May, we focused our evangelism efforts on the streets surrounding the Domus Medica Clinic. We distributed a free copy of The Jesus Film in 50 mailboxes at a time, accompanied by a small message presenting our church.

In the days following our dissemination, we knocked on these same doors to see if our neighbours had received our gift and to know their impressions. The Lord granted us a few great conversations and we returned a few times to some of these homes. At this point, a total of 150 homes have been “reached” in this way. A few of these people told us that they would come and visit the church but, so far, I don’t think that we have seen any of them yet. Please pray that God would draw his sheep to himself, that he would give us the proper discernment to know with whom we should persevere, and the zeal to do it with great love.

Operation “J’aime mon voisin” (I Love My Neighbour)

2015-06 Newsletter from St-Leonard_Page_1_Image_0004We have an exciting project coming up this summer called Operation “J’aime mon voisin” (which means “I love my neighbour). From August 8 to 15, we will learn to freely serve our neighbours in tangible ways: housecleaning, washing windows, mowing the lawn, picking out the weeds, small painting jobs, etc. This social involvement project is not so much about bringing people into the Church, but about bringing the Church to the people. This movement was started 4 years ago by a church plant in Plessisville and many other churches have joined in since.

What’s more, this project is not only for Christians; we invite all those who want to serve their neighbours to join us in doing so! According to the philosophy of the operation, we don’t directly associate the project with the church in order to prevent the “religious” aspect from becoming an obstacle. We pray that God would open up doors for us to share the fact that our desire to love others comes from the love that we have received from God. We pray that relationships will be built and maintained in the months and years to come.

We praise God for our partner-church Temple Baptist Church (Cambridge, ON) that is sending a team to boost our efforts during the entire project! Please pray that the language “barrier” would rather be an opportunity and a witness in itself of the transforming love of God.

And even if you personally want to come and help us, sign up on! If you know people from Montreal who might want to participate in this project of love in action or who would need help, invite them to sign up on the (beautiful!) website. (You can also sign them up if they have any need.)

Last Requests

  • This Sunday (June 14), we are hosting a “Friends Day.” Everyone from church had to think of a few friends or acquaintances to invite for this special day. Please pray that many will come and be moved by the love of Jesus, the best friend that is, and by our love for one another.
  • We have decided to stay in the Domus Medica Medical Clinic for the next 8-9 months. However, on a busy weekend, we do feel a little tight. Please pray that God would guide us in his ways and open a door for a good meeting place.
  • That we would not be discouraged at the present lack of fruit of our evangelistic efforts, but that we would strive to be ever faithful and trust God for the outcome.

Thank you so much for your encouragement, your support and your prayers. May our beloved Heavenly Father take care of each one of you, with grace, in Christ Jesus.